Mom of 3 Doesn't Know She's Pregnant Until 4th Baby Wants Out

And baby makes six! A West Virginia mom recently gave birth to her fourth child -- without even knowing she was pregnant until she went into labor. The new kiddo is a fourth son for Mandie Smith and her husband JR Smith, but the first to come without warning.


Mandie said she woke up with "significant pain" around 2 a.m. last Thursday at her Culloden, West Virginia, home. She initially thought it was some other medical condition, but she quickly realized she was about to have a baby.

Within hours, little Harrison Smith was born at 7:45 a.m. at Cabell Huntington. He may have given his parents the shock of their lives, but the little guy was full term and perfectly healthy.

Smith claims she had zero idea she was pregnant for the last nine months. She hasn't suffered any of the usual symptoms, hasn't gained much weight, and didn't think anything about her missed periods because she's always been irregular.

She didn't even look pregnant! She said, "Everybody has been like 'What?' We've been texting people showing the baby, and they were like 'I was with you yesterday, you didn't look pregnant.' Nobody believes it. Everybody's in shock."

Even more incredible is that Smith isn't extremely overweight. Where exactly was that baby? Both times I've been nine months pregnant, it's been obvious. I may have gotten asked about having twins more than once (singletons only). I may be just a little bit jealous this woman went through nine months of pregnancy without any symptoms.

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Dr. Allan Chamberlain with St. Mary's said it actually happens more often than you think. "Pregnancy usually has signs that are loud and clear," he said, "but every year, more than 1,000 women in this country have babies before even knowing they were pregnant."

Dad JR wasn't even able to be at the birth, as he was on business in DC. Imagine what it would be like to get that phone call at your hotel room ... "Um, honey? I'm in the hospital ... having a baby." JR seemed to be a pretty good sport about it and even got to watch the birth via FaceTime. He said, "I'm still kind of in shock ... it was just a split second and tears of joy."

Harrison's big brothers are all thrilled and "over the moon" about the new addition too. The parents say all three of those pregnancies were detected early on.

Well, he may have been the shock of a lifetime, but the new family of six seems totally happy!

Would you totally freak out if you found out you were pregnant by going into labor?


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