Mom in Hot Water for Letting Son Sit in Her Lap While She Drives (VIDEO)

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What little kid doesn't fantasize about getting behind the wheel of the family car and taking it out for a spin? But as much as the youngsters might beg and plead to let them have a turn, most parents are inclined to say "Sorry, kiddo!" Well, one mom in Ohio not only allowed her young son to sit on her lap and drive down the street sans seat belt, she then, unbelievably, posted the video on Facebook!


Check it out:

After discovering the video, which shows the boy just inches from the car's airbag, news channel WCPO's 9 on Your Side brought it to the attention of the Boone County Sheriff's Office, where the prosecutor says if he can be prove that the incident took place within that community, the mom could face charges.

Tom Scheben of the Sheriff's Office points out the dangers in allowing kids to get behind the wheel: 

How about the child is not restrained? That child was not going to wreck the car, but I guess they didn't take into account that if they were involved in an accident there is an airbag ... the possibility of an airbag right in the child's face, and that could be fatal.

Seriously, what was this mom thinking? Even though it might seem like a harmless bit of fun, this could've gone very wrong very quickly. Imagine if a cyclist, skateboarder, or even an animal suddenly appeared in front of the car? Would the child or the mom have been able to react fast enough? Who knows?

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Either way, it seems like a risk definitely not worth taking. Also, posting the video is an equally bad idea. It pretty much seems like this mom is saying, "Check it out! I'm totally ignoring the law!" which is probably going to land her in a heap of legal trouble. 

Instead, maybe she could consider getting the child a motorized car designed for someone his size. Or just wait until the family's next trip to a theme park to allow him to explore this race car driver side. 

Do you think this mom should get into trouble for allowing this? 


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