Mom & Dad Battle Over Baby's Name for 3 Years ... Until Judge Makes Them Pick One​​

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Did you hem and haw over what name to give your baby? Well, however long your deliberations took, you're better off than one poor boy in Australia whose parents took more than three years to decide on a name for him. Three years!


While the boy's and parents' names were not revealed to protect his identity, court records do reveal some juicy tidbits: for instance, the couple had split up soon after the mom had gotten pregnant and have been at odds over every parenting issue ever since, from where he should go to kindergarten to whether he could drink soda.

As for the name, the dad had wanted to name the boy after a well-known sports player; the mom preferred a different name. Due to this indecision, the boy's birth isn't registered. As if that weren't ridiculous enough, the parents each called the kid a different name during those 3 year -- talk about confusing! 

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We get that parents disagree. We also get that many parents take their nameless kid home from the hospital because they can't decide on a name -- that's perfectly legal and understandable. It's a big decision! Still, how long should it be OK to keep a kid nameless? Where do you draw the line between three days and three YEARS???

Because after all, having a name is core to a child's identity and social interactions. At some point, being nameless is going to mess a kid up. How would this boy introduce himself to others on a playground? How could a preschool teacher call on him in class? Too bad these parents couldn't reach a decision sooner for their son's sake. 

How long did it take for you to decide on a name for your child?


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