​School Makes 'Naughty' Kids Walk Home in Cold -- Without Their Winter Coats

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Schools are supposed to look after our kids ... which is why parents in Charlotte, North Carolina, were outraged recently when their kids were sent home without their coats on a cold winter day. At least 20 kids at Ranson IB Middle School had their coats confiscated because they didn't match their school uniform. The punishment? Walk home in 30-something-degree weather coatless.


Brrrrr! We get why these kids and their parents were miffed. Granted, the school admitted they messed up and claimed they had planned to give those coats back to the kids by the end of the day, but that didn't happen.

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Oversight or not, this incident highlights just how silly dress code enforcement can get. In this case, the confiscated coats weren't the right color: hunter green. In the past, the school had sold coats that matched the school uniform, but this year they didn't. So what's a parent supposed to do, run around the mall until they find a hunter green coat?!

Dress codes are supposed to be put in place for the betterment of kids -- to eliminate differences and put students on a level playing field. But when your dress code enforcement ends up hurting kids, then what's the point? A little common sense with dress code enforcement could have gone a long way here.

Do you think dress codes are good or bad for kids?


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