Daycare Gives Baby a Bottle of Breast Milk That Didn't Come From Mom


One of the wonderful ways some working moms choose to care for their babies is to pump breast milk at work, and send it with their little ones to daycare the next day. It's a tough job, and expressed breast milk is often referred to as "liquid gold." But how would you feel to find out that your infant had been given another mom's breast milk?


One mom posted to Reddit this week that that's exactly what she's been dealing with. This nervous mom wrote:

Daycare gave my son someone else's breast milk ... I realize he will most likely be fine, but I know nothing about this other woman and her health or habits. People do things that aren't in the best interest of their children, addictions are common in our area. I would totally let him have milk from a person I know and trust, but the fact that it was a stranger gives me the heebee jeebs. I also agree that if it were my milk that was given to someone else I would be upset. it's hard work pumping enough for the day!

Oh my gosh, would you be totally peeved if you found out your child had been given milk from a stranger? After all, all sorts of diseases can be transmitted through breast milk -- including TB, Hepatitis, Lyme, and HIV. And that's not even getting into the mother's lifestyle habits or prescription drug use. You just never know, right?

According to the poster, the milk was properly labeled, but a substitute in the infant room had a case of mistaken identity, and mistook her son for the baby the milk was intended for.

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Thankfully, the daycare center has been very apologetic, and accommodating after the mistake. The other mom was contacted, and offered all of the medical screening tests she took less than a year ago while pregnant, showing she's clear of infectious diseases. She also claimed that she's a non-smoker, and felt terrible for the mix-up. The daycare has also decided to implement a new policy that would label the babies with name tags whenever a new caregiver was present.

All in all, the mom said, "My husband and I are very pleased with the way it was all handled," but she did admit to being so emotionally distraught at first that she had to send him to pick up their baby because she couldn't handle it. 

I can't say I blame her. It's obviously not the worst thing that can happen at daycare, but it's still upsetting!

How would you feel if your baby was accidentally given someone else's breast milk?


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