How to Get the World's Most Unique Baby Name


Are you determined to find a baby name that's truly unique, with no duplicates anywhere in the world? Well, a Swiss company called erfolgswelle claims they can make that happen -- if you pay them, oh, a mere $35,000. We get that parents want a one-of-a-kind name ... only is it worth that amount of moolah?


Well, here's what you get for that chunk of cash: The company's creative team, which employs a team of 12 translators, drums up a list of 15 to 25 unique names by combining various words, presented to the client for review. Once the faves are picked, a team of historians check for any existence of the name throughout history just to make sure it's one of a kind.

While it certainly seems like this company does due diligence, I'm still not convinced that their services will truly satisfy. For one, given that the names are mash-ups of other words, they've got to sound pretty bizarre. Does anyone really want to name their kid Zebriloctolux? Or Pzrkotomsky159?

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And even if you love the name they create, once you announce the name of your baby, who's to stop someone from thinking, "Wow, what a cool name. I think I'll name my baby that!" Because even if this company copyrights the name -- it's unclear if they do -- I doubt they've employed a squad of "baby name police" to go chase down the offending family and make them relinquish the name.

All in all, $35,000 is a lot of dough to cough up with no guarantee you'll either like the name or be able to keep it "your own." I think parents are still better off coming up with their own baby name and putting that $35,000 into a college fund. 

How much money would you pay for a truly unique baby name?


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