Stranger Slips Mom a Surprising Note for Making Her Kid Sleep on Her Lap (VIDEO)

stranger train note sleeping child

A few years ago, I was traveling with my then-5-year-old son on a cross-country flight, when the elderly couple sitting next to us praised me for my non-tantruming child. “He’s been such a good boy,” they said, their eyes twinkling with kindness, and I remember how I wanted to offer something just this side of HUMAN SACRIFICE to show my appreciation for their simple gesture.


It would have been a bit awkward to hand over the still-beating heart of a felled Amazon warrior, but I was THAT grateful, you know? “Thank you” didn’t seem like an adequate statement for the massive wave of relief that washed over me when these total strangers gave me a thumbs-up for having brought enough digital distractions to keep my kid from being a nuisance, and yet I’d been so worked up about the various ways the flight could have gone wrong, I nearly burst into tears when this man and woman took a minute out of their day to offer some encouragement.

It’s so easy, right? And yet as much as I remember that act of kindness, I often forget to pay it forward. I love this story of Sammie Welch, a young British mom who was recently praised for being a "credit to her generation" when she moved her sleeping child to her own lap in order to offer a seat to a man standing on a train.

She says the mystery man, who appeared around 50, slipped her the letter as she held her 3-year-old son, and it included a bit of cash so she could buy herself a drink.

Have a drink on me, you're a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners. PS I have a daughter your age, someone did the same for her once. Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you.

Here’s a news clip showing the mom:

Welch said she was surprised by the man’s gift:

When he handed it to me, he said it had fallen out of my bag, so I just said thank you and took it from him. When I looked at it and saw what was written, I was so shocked. I feel really overwhelmed by it all, it was just so lovely to get it. I was so shocked at the fact he had put the money in it, I couldn't quite believe it. I've put the money in a savings account for Rylan now, I thought that was the best place for it. Money is quite short for people nowadays so for someone to give me that was amazing, and I want to put it to good use.

She’s started an Internet search to track the gentleman down, saying she wished she could thank him personally. Maybe she’ll find him, maybe she won’t, but it’s a sweet little moment that reminds me how much we can help uplift each other. The cash is nice, of course, but it’s far more important to just speak to our fellow parents and offer them a bit of generosity. It’s almost sad that this little interaction became a news story, right? We hear about people treating each other negatively so often, a stranger praising a mom actually stands out.

Has anyone ever praised your parenting in a surprising way?

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