Fourth Grader Asked About 'Pimps' in School Assignment


Imagine your fourth grader coming home and asking you, "Mom, what's a 'po pimp'?" Er, how would you answer that? When dad Scott Tolleson heard his fourth-grade son pose this question recently, he was horrified to learn that a worksheet at school had mentioned this phrase.


Tolleson complained to the school -- as did other parents in Newton County, Georgia, where this incident occurred. And for good reason: as the worksheet made clear, "Po Pimp" is actually a song by a rapper named Twista. And if you look up the lyrics to "Po Pimp" -- which many of the kids may have been inspired to do -- the word "pimp" is the least of these parents' problems.

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Kids who read these lyrics not only learn the word "pimp," but other goodies, like "hoes," "bitches," "motherfuckin," and "juice myself" -- whatever that is, but it doesn't sound good. 

Now, I'm all for schools getting creative with assignments that teach kids about the world around them -- the good and the bad. So, go ahead and teach them about 9/11 or the assassination of JFK. But pimps and hoes are just too weird for fourth grade.

The reason? Even if teachers supplied a better context -- which this worksheet didn't -- I'd wager fourth graders would have a hard time wrapping their minds around this seedy business: "Well, Jimmy, a 'pimp' is guy who sells the sexual favors of women called 'hoes.'" Um, why? The explanation begs too many questions, and I just don't see this conversation going anywhere productive.

The school issued an apology, saying that they do review documents in the curriculum but that this assignment fell through the cracks. But that's one huge, gaping crack!

How would you feel if your kid got a school assignment like this?


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