Parents Banned From Naming Baby After Popular Food

judge gavel Parents stick babies with all kinds of strange names these days, and we feel sorry for the little tykes. Still, that doesn't mean a court of law should get involved ... yet that's exactly what happened recently in France when a judge heard that a baby had been named Nutella -- yup, that yummy hazelnut spread. Fearing the girl would get teased, the judge banned the baby's name and renamed her Ella.


Oh, come on! If naming a baby Nutella were an infringement on some copyright, then I'd understand. But no, the judge banned the name because he was afraid the kid will have to endure some ribbing on the playground.

First off, in my opinion, there are far more embarrassing and tease-worthy names than Nutella. Like, say, Chlamydia. Or Loser. Or Abcde. Now, those are bad baby names (that parents have actually used). 

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Plus, even if "Nutella" were a truly awful name, kids are going to get teased no matter what -- if not for their name, then their non-designer-label clothes or their lack of coordination in gym glass. So if this judge thinks he's done this kid a favor and shielded her from hurt feelings, his head is clearly way up in the clouds. 

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Bottom line: parents should name their kids whatever they want; this judge overstepped his bounds.

How do you feel about the name Nutella?


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