Why a C-Section Could Ruin Your Sex Life

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If you've had (or end up having) a C-section, the one saving grace that might cross your mind is this: Well, at least my vagina won't get stretched to smithereens! So maybe my sex life will stay hunky dory, too. Sorry to break it to you, but a new study suggests otherwise. According to research by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, women who undergo Cesareans are more likely to experience pain during sex as much as a year longer than women who had a vaginal birth.


The study compiled data from 1,244 first-time mothers who answered questionnaires about their love lives at 3, 6, 12, and 18 months after their birth. Granted, the vast majority -- 86 percent -- experienced pain the first time they had sex after childbirth. But the pain persisted for a longer period in women who had Cesareans (and vaginal vacuum extraction, for that matter).

The lead researcher, Ellie McDonald, says these findings were a surprise and dispel the commonly held belief that C-sections lead to fewer problems in the bedroom post-birth.

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The good news? For most women this discomfort fades over time, although one in three will still feel sore during sexual intercourse 18 months postpartum. So if sex isn't feeling great for you, you have every right to hold off on hopping back in the saddle, so to speak.

Did sex feel "different" for you after giving birth?


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