Mom Delivers Her Own Baby During C-section (PHOTOS)


Imagine assisting with your own C-section. Impossible, right? Well, not according to one Australian mom named Kylie, who, rather than just lying there passively during her cesarean, had arranged to lend a hand. After surgeons made the incision, Kylie reached down, grabbed her baby, and lifted the little tyke out of her own body. Talk about amazing! See photos below.


Incredible, right? And just get a load of Mom getting to meet her little one face-to-face:

According to Eastside Midwives -- who supported the birth and posted these pics -- this procedure is called a "Maternal Assisted Caesarean." And while this was the first ever performed at Dandenong Hospital, it actually follows in the footsteps of Gerri Wolfe, another Australian who helped deliver her twins by C-section at Newcastle Hospital right before Christmas.

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All we can say is: bravo, you gutsy ladies! It's so inspiring to see moms getting more "hands on" with their birth, so to speak. And while the trend of moms "catching" their own babies via vaginal delivery has been popular for awhile, doing the same for C-section is a whole new level of taking charge.

Would you want to assist with your own C-section?


Image via Vivid Pixels/shutterstock

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