Bratz Dolls Are Completely Unrecognizable After Major 'Make-Under' (PHOTOS)

tree change dolls

Sorry, Barbie, but you might not be the most controversial kids' doll anymore. Enter the Bratz dolls. The big-eyed, glammed-up, fashion-bending dolls have had their fair share of critics, and one woman is doing her best to change their look. Sonia Singh has given the infamous Bratz dolls a massive makeunder and reintroduced them as the Tree Change Dolls.


Singh has stripped the dolls of their over-the-top makeup, repainted their faces, made them different clothing and shoes, and tamed their hair.

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What a difference some conditioner and acrylic paint can make!

And now, her new creations have gone completely viral. Take a look at the new collection:tree change dollsQuite a change, no? And certainly for the better! The dolls have been criticized for their over-sexualized look. But no more.

And better yet, Singh is ready to give her dolls some new owners. She's in the process of setting up an Etsy shop where she will sell the makeunder-ed figures for anyone to purchase.

So if you're considering gifting out some dolls this year, look no further.

What do you think of the new dolls? Will you be getting one for your kids?


Images via Sonia Singh/Tree Change Dolls

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