Dad Sues Mom for Right to Circumcise 4-Year-Old Son

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By the age of 4, kids should be racking up memories of soccer camp and Disney World ... only in Florida, one 4-year-old boy will soon have a very different kind of memory: of his circumcision. Um, why hold off until now?! Well, the pregnancy was the result of a six-month relationship where the parents, Heather Hironimus and Dennis Nebus, parted ways. Early on, they'd agreed to circumcise, but the mom changed her mind later after doing more research. A protracted legal battle ensued, which only recently culminated in a judge ruling that the boy should be circumcised ... only now, the boy is 4.


This predicament has spurred anti-circumcision activists to protest on the boy's behalf and launch a "Saving Chase" campaign to reverse this decision. Their main quibble is the boy's age: after all, by age 4, a boy can talk and make his own desires known. And while there's no word on whether the boy has expressed a preference, we kinda doubt he's relishing his upcoming surgery!

Then, of course, there's the fact that this boy is also old enough to maintain a vivid memory of this event. That's one awful memory -- and while it's also unknown whether general or local anesthesia will be used for the procedure, typically it's not, at least with infants. And even if they do use something to dampen the pain, the fact remains that the boy's penis is suddenly going to look different, and that's bound to throw him for a loop.

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What's probably saddest about this case is that this decision that should have been ironed out by the parents years ago to protect their poor kid from this trauma now. Instead, the boy's privates became a pawn in his parents' ongoing battle. Couldn't they have laid their own issues aside for his sake?

Do you think this 4-year-old should be circumcised? Why or why not?


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