4-Year-Old Feeding Pack of Pit Bulls Gets Parents Upset (VIDEO)

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Few pets get as bad a rap as pit bulls -- which is why a new video of a girl feeding six pit bulls has parents in a kerfuffle. In the video, a 4-year-old orders six fully grown male pits to sit, stay, and wait until she gives them the signal to chow down on dinner. Then a woman's voice chimes in: "People say it could never be done. They live and eat together. They’re a family."

While many viewers applaud the video for painting pit bulls in a flattering light, others argue that this 4-year-old is at risk of becoming this pack's next meal.


The concern is understandable: headlines abound about pit bulls who've attacked and killed their owners and kids. Yet many argue that a few bad apples is no reason to stigmatize an entire breed and claim that their own pit bulls are gentle, loving pets. Others add that other breeds are far more nippy (hello, chihuahuas!).

I, for one, agree that kids and dogs can be a dangerous combination. But I also think that that dogs -- like people -- need to be taken on a case-by-base basis, and that the bigger question is how well you know the dog in question. On the streets where I live, I see children running up to random dogs and throwing their arms around them without a moment's hesitation. To me, that's an accident waiting to happen. I think all kids should be taught to proceed with caution and always ask the owner if it's okay to pet a dog they don't know.

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So whether the 4-year-old girl in this video is in danger is hard to say. For one, these are the family's own dogs -- so their temperament is hardly a mystery. I just hope she's been taught that while she can clearly boss around her own pets, her alpha-dog status doesn't hold for dogs outside her home -- whether they're pit bulls or Pomeranians.

Here's the video in case you want to judge for yourself:

Do you think this girl is in any danger?


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