5-Year-Old's Family Charged Money for Missing Another Kid's Birthday Party

A 5-year-old boy from England was invited to a classmate's birthday party before the holiday break. The party was set to take place at a ski slope and snowboard center, and I don't know how you feel, but that sounds like a hoot compared to some of the princess-themed parties lots of us are forced to attend. Apparently, little Alex thought so too -- and told his dad, Derek Nash, and his partner that he wanted to go to his friend's party. Nash reportedly saw the other child's mom at school and told her Alex was totally looking forward to her son's party. But, oops, Nash then realized he made a boo-boo and had already promised Alex and his sister Lily's grandparents that they could see the kids on the day of the party. Eh, innocent parenting mistake -- but one that Nash may have to now, literally, pay for.


Nash says he wanted to do the right thing and contact the mom to let her know Alex wouldn't be joining them in the festivities, but that they didn't have her contact number, email, or address. I guess the physical invitation got lost somewhere, which is understandable given all of the hoopla that goes on during the holidays.

On the day of the party, Nash even let Alex choose what he wanted to do: and the child decided he'd rather be with his grandparents then on a ski slope.

You can imagine how embarrassing this might be for Alex's parents, and Nash says his partner searched for her on that first day back at school so she could apologize. But no luck.

Then, she says, as she was looking through Alex's school bag later that day, she discovered a brown envelope. And, inside of the envelope, she found an invoice for £15.95 (that's about $24) for a child's party no-show fee.

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Alex's teacher reportedly admitted that the mom had given her the brown envelope and asked that she pass it along. Since the other mom's address was on the invoice, Nash paid her a little visit to inform her that he wouldn't be cutting her a check to cover the fee anytime soon and that it really wasn't cool for her to go through their kids' teacher instead of just speaking with him about it.

I can totally see his point here. My little girl is at an age where she is just starting to receive invitations to parties. I wouldn't dream of not RSVP'ing because I know how much stress moms and dads are under to plan events for their kids, in addition to everything else they do. But it doesn't sound like Nash purposely tried to blow this mom off. You could argue that he could have forced his son to attend the party and not have given him a choice, but I'm not sure that would have been fair to the children's grandparents.

Plus, can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to ship your kid off to a party knowing he's going to sulk through the whole thing?

Nash's partner is reportedly speaking with the child's mother via Facebook and trying to resolve this before it goes to court. Hoping they can work it out because it really would be a petty reason for a court appearance and sets a bad example for the kids involved.

Do you think these parents should be forced to pay the party no-show fee?


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