Keep America Free: Let My Kids Drink Soda!

Why do fast-food restaurants keep trying to make kids' meals healthy? Wendy's is the latest chain attempting to make burgers and fries into health food by removing the soda option from the kids' meal menus.


According to USA Today, "That means when parents drive through a pick-up window, they won't see soda as an option on the menu board, but if they decide to order one, they won't be turned down."

McDonald's did the same thing for Happy Meals in 2013. After they replaced the fries with apple slices in 2011 and didn't even tell parents. I had some very disappointed children on my hands that day.

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Anyway, the Center for Science in Public Interest released a statement on Thursday, praising Wendy's for the change, and encouraging them to offer more healthy choices like "whole grain rolls, offering more fruit and vegetable options, reducing sodium across the menu, and dropping Frostys from the children's menu."

Because obviously Frostys are the villain in the war against childhood obesity.

Look, I get that kids are more overweight than ever. You know what's not going to stop the problem? Getting rid of sodas in kids' meals. Kids meals are junk food, people. A tiny kiddie-sized cup of soda isn't going to do much damage when your kid is already eating chicken nuggets made from Silly Putty.

You know what does make kids fat? When fast food becomes a way of life instead of a treat. When they stay inside on their hineys instead getting outside and playing. When they see their parents make unhealthy decisions, and follow in their footsteps.

It's insulting to take soda off the menu for kids' meals -- like we parents can't make that decision for our own kids. Like we can't tell our kids "no" if we need to grab a quick dinner and we'd rather they drink milk. It's our decision to make -- and sometimes we want our kids to get soda. Stop trying to shame us for letting them have it.

Do you think fast food restaurants should bring back the soda for kids' meals?


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