Beer Company Puts a Baby on Its Label & Parents Are Hopping Mad

baby on beer labelIf you want to sell beer, throw a bikini-clad woman in your ad, right? Well, not so for an offering from Founders Brewing called "Breakfast Stout," which has a baby on the beer bottle's label. That's right! A cute, cherubic baby slurping up a spoonful of what we assume must be this delicious brew.


Imagine if you were grocery shopping and spotted this bottle nestled between the Bud Lights and Heinekens. Would you flip? Many parents are doing just that, saying that using babies to advertise alcoholic beverages should be illegal. Still, while I do have a problem with it being called "Breakfast Stout" -- because who drinks beer for breakfast? -- seeing a baby on a beer label is no biggie to me.

Here's why: babies are used in ads to sell everything, from cars to batteries to Sweet 'n' Low. Babies, after all, are cute, and cute sells. They're a great gimmick. Only thankfully, these ads don't target babies, but adults. Clearly, this beer is trying to entice men -- perhaps, in particular, dads -- to grab a six-pack on their way home. Unless this beer were being advertised on the Nickelodeon channel, I doubt it's some devious ploy to entice babies to grab one when mom isn't watching and get drunk!

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And don't get me wrong; I'm definitely against underage drinking. And if this beer showed a teen or tween on the label, that would bother me, since I'd fear it might tempt teens to imbibe. But nope, this beer just shows a baby, and most teens want nothing to do with babies. So, even in this case, I think we're in the clear.

Still, given the heat this beer company is probably getting, maybe they should have stuck with using a puppy on the label instead.

What do you think of putting babies on alcohol labels?


Image via Founders Brewing

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