10 Best & Worst States for Schools -- Is Yours on the List?

kids going to schoolYou're starting your family and choosing a new place to live. What's there to consider? Besides home values, distance from work, and general budgets, it's time to consider one important factor: education. And now thanks to Education Week, the organization has made it easier to see how your state does education-wise.


Three major categories went into grading and ranking all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The chance for success categories factors how education influences a person's later career and life. The finance index examines the state's spending and equity. And the K-12 achievement analysis looks into academic performance in all districts throughout the state. Put them all together and you have a comprehensive look and grade for each state.

Take a look at the slideshow below, which ranks the best states (from best to worse) and worst states (from bad to worst), and see if your state makes the list.

Is this accurate for your state?


Image via luminaimages/shutterstock