Giving Birth at a Hospital Just Got Scarier Than Ever

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Every mom, of course, wants a happy, healthy childbirth ... only a new report suggests that hospitals are majorly getting in the way of that. That's according to a report called the "Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing" by the Childbirth Connection, which pioneers strategies for safer maternity care as part of the National Partnership for Women & Families. The main thrust? Stop interfering so much with a mom's natural abilities to give birth!


Granted, medical interventions like C-sections are often necessary and can be life-saving. But they're also overused, according to this report. And this can interfere with a mom's and baby's own natural hormonal processes and put them both at risk for a whole host of other problems.

For instance: epidurals. Sure they reduce the pain of labor. But they also dampen a mother's levels of oxytocin, leading to a slower, longer labor. Meanwhile, C-sections cause babies to miss out on a late-labor surge of epinephrine, a hormone which keeps baby alert and encourages him to start breathing on his own. Inducing labor also lowers a mom's usual levels of prolactin, which triggers milk production. No matter what the medical intervention, this report makes clear that these "fixes" can just lead to more struggles down the road.

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The report urges hospitals -- and moms -- to rigorously review the benefits of proposed interventions before moving forward. Take a look at what you need to do to have a healthy birth:

Pathway to a Healthy Birth

Do you think medical interventions interfere with a healthy childbirth?


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