Kids' Cartoon Features Dancing & Singing Genitalia (VIDEO)

dancing genitaliaFew pastimes are as innocent as watching kid cartoons... that is, unless it's a cartoon with dancing genitals. That's what Swedish Public Television recently broadcast for 3- to 6-year-olds: a video featuring penises and vaginas bopping to the beat. And it has many parents all aflutter -- in open-minded Sweden no less! -- and complaining it should be take it off the air.


Take a look at the cartoon yourself and see what you think:

To me, at first glance, I'm thinking what's the big deal? After all, boys have penises, girls have vaginas, and I think it's much worse to act like they're not there at all. For instance one dad I know refuses to say the word "vagina" or "penis" around his kids; he just calls the whole area the "butt." Which is anatomically just not right!

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I, for one, think genitals are fine to talk about with any age kid in a nonsexual context, and this cartoon seems pretty benign to me. If the cartoon had a penis going INTO a vagina I'd have a problem with that for sure, but they're just dancing. I doubt it would give a toddler any ideas during his next playdate on fitting these two puzzle pieces together.

The one thing I do have a problem with are the lyrics, which begin with, "Popi-dip-pop snippedi penis! Here comes his dick in full gallop!" I'm fine with kids knowing the word "penis" since, well, that's what it is. But I'm not comfortable with them knowing the word "dick" or any of the other slang terms. Same goes for vagina: kids should not be calling it a "pussy" or, heaven forbid, something worse!

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But all in all, I think parents who are outraged are overreacting. Just because they're genitals doesn't mean they should remain cloaked in secrecy; I'm glad someone finally put them center stage.

What do you think of this cartoon? Would you let your kids watch it?

Image via Sebastian Grans

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