Dad Lets Baby Play With Pet Python (VIDEO)

baby playing with python

Baby playing with python: sound like a recipe for disaster? Well, that's what many people are saying about a viral video where Michigan snake handler Jamie Guarino let his 14-month-old daughter Alyssa snuggle up to his 10-year-old pet python Nay-Nay. This baby with python video got many viewers bent out of shape, saying he was endangering his child, much like that infamous incident when "crocodile hunter" Steve Irwin held his baby while feeding a hungry croc.


Yet Guarino swears his daughter was safe -- and that he made the video to educate people about snakes and debunk their bad rap. As a veteran snake handler who's owned snakes since the age of 16, this 34-year-old thinks these reptiles aren't evil, but gentle, loving pets.

Check out this playdate between baby and python and judge for yourself: is this baby at risk of becoming Nay-Nay's lunch?

After watching this video myself, I've gotta admit: I'm not that worried. As a kid, I had an array of "dangerous" pets, including snakes and even a wild bat, and I came to realize that many animals get slapped with a "dangerous" label they don't deserve.

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In the same way that parents know their kids, people know their pets. Given Nay-Nay's been part of Guarino's family for 10 years, I'd say he knows this snake's behavior as intimately as I know the fact that my four-year-old daughter will flip if I try to help her put on her mitten rather than letting her do it herself. So, I think we should all trust that this dad isn't putting his kids in harm's way while trying to clean up pythons' poor public image.

 Do you think this dad put his baby in danger?


Image via Jamie Guarino

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