Ad With Naked Lesbian Takes on Public Breastfeeding​​ (PHOTO)

For several years now, breastfeeding advocates have supported the continued effort to encourage people to accept breastfeeding for what it is: a beautiful, natural way to nourish our babies. We've gotten used to seeing celebrities and everyday women post photos of themselves feeding their babies -- and sometimes toddlers and older children -- from their breasts. But the latest photograph released by NOH8 is different. It's powerful and revolutionary because it features the first lesbian mother nursing her child and posing beside her same-sex partner.


Mahaliyah Grace, 31, of Phoenix, and Cindy Manit, 31, who is from San Francisco, reportedly posed for this portrait with their 18-month-old daughter as part of NOH8's latest campaign.

If you aren't familiar with the charitable organization, its aim is to promote marriage, gender, and human equality. Celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley started what they call a "photographic silent protest" after the 2008 passage of Proposition 8 in California, which banned same-sex marriage.

Obviously, the image of a lesbian breastfeeding with her partner is bold, but the addition of duct tape placed over the models' mouths -- which is a Bouska/Parshley trademark -- speaks volumes about how these women, and so many others, feel about having their voices stolen from them.

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The photo has been shared countless times on Twitter and is quickly becoming a very important one in the ongoing effort to increase acceptance of public breastfeeding:

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Image via NOH8 Campaign/Twitter

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