Mom Pole Dances to Bond With 2-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

pole dancingAs parents, we do a lot of things with our kids -- things we don't necessarily do with other people around. We go to the bathroom with our kids in the room, some of us take showers with them, others have a very laid-back nudity policy in the house. This mom pole dances with her daughter. Ashley Wright is an attachment parent, a breastfeeding advocate, and an incredible pole dancer. She posted a video to her Facebook page, "Ms. Wrights Way," showing an incredible pole dance routine with her 2-year-old daughter, and people have gone berserk.


Ms. Wright says:

What dancing while attachment parenting looks like! How great it is to have both my passions with me into the New Year...  Be you! And Be you courageously! NO SHAME IN OUR POLE DANCING GAME!

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People think of pole dancing and immediately think of well-oiled naked bodies dancing on a pole with money being thrown at them. Clearly that isn't what's happening here. I love what Ashley is doing -- this is an incredible core body workout for her -- and it's working wonders. Her sweet daughter is delighting in the way mommy dances around the pole. It's a beautiful expression of dance and body movement. Not everyone sees it that way though. Obscene! The video was removed from Facebook but is now back. On the controversy, Ashley said:

It is no surprise that many are put-off, and even more confused, by this shared display of divine femininity, sensual acceptance, power and open, unapologetic love for self and for my child. Unfortunately, many did not receive nor have bared witness to this form of love and therefore only see what is they can connect with; shame ... I do not expect everyone to understand me nor my 'parenting style' for progression is few for most.

We can never make everyone happy with our parenting decisions. The goal is that our kids are happy and so are we.

What do you think of pole dancing in front of your child?


Image via Philipp/Flickr

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