Baby Born With 2 Teeth

baby feetEvery baby has something to smile about. And when one Missouri newborn arrived, she was all ready to show off her pearly whites. Alyssa Bella Baily was born on December 28 and shocked parents, doctors, and nurses alike when she was born with two of her front teeth!


And the best part of it is? She's perfectly and completely healthy! Take a look below:

Mom Jaklina Baily admits that everyone was stunned when they first noticed:

Right when she first arrived, everyone was shocked. She has two front teeth? No kidding. Really? It was just the big talk in the delivery room. Everything about her is healthy. She’s a healthy, beautiful little girl. She just has two front teeth.

But it turns out that it's far more common than you think. According to MedlinePlus, these "natal teeth" are present in about one in every 2,000 or 3,000 newborns.

The teeth have very limited root structure, so even though they may look developed, parents need to watch out for them. The teeth can actually pose a choking hazard to the baby, who is at risk for breathing them in.

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And since we're all wondering, Baily also answered the most curious question of all: how is breastfeeding going? "I know a lot of people have ask me, 'does it hurt?' Well, I’m bottle feeding. Breastfeeding -- but bottle feeding," she adds.

Thanks for clearing that up, Mom, and congratulations!

How young were your kids when they started cutting teeth?


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