Mom Squeezes Big Baby in Her Handbag & Carries Him Like a Dog (PHOTO)

baby shoved in handbagOn those days when the car seat or the sling sounds like too much of a hassle, what's the best way to carry your baby? A purse, perhaps? That's exactly what one mom from China did and now she's facing a whirlwind of criticism online. Twenty-six-year-old mom Xue Hsueh slid her baby into her designer bag and later uploaded the photo online for all to see. Surprise, surprise, the world was not happy.


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Take a look at the crazy photo below:

The mom has responded to the massive flurry of comments and has said that it was only a joke and lasted a very short while.

According to Metro, she had "actually been making a joke about what childcare would be like if it was left to men." Yes, really.

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Whether it was meant in jest or not, we can all agree that it's just not funny. When you think about how badly a baby can be hurt if you put them in a sling -- which is actually made for a baby -- the wrong way, one can just imagine the potential for disaster here. And while Mom may not do this every day, risking baby's safety for a few LOLs isn't worth it.

Something to remember any time you want to have a "fun" time with baby for social media. No amount of funny photos or "hilarious" split seconds is really worth the risk.

What do you think of the photo? What's the worst photo you've seen a mom post on social media?


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