Dad's 'Frozen' Doll Prank Gets Chilly Reception (VIDEO)

elsa frozenSaying that "kids love Frozen" might be the understatement of the year. But kids friggin' love Frozen. From the sing-alongs to the sold-out Halloween costumes, Elsa and Anna absolutely dominated 2014. So come Christmastime, it's really no shocker that every kid in America requested some form of Frozen swag for the holidays. And one dad completely delivered. When his daughter asked for a Frozen doll, she got a frozen doll. But not quite exactly the one she was thinking of ...



Applause all around for Dad and what might be the ultimate "dad joke." You wanted a Frozen doll? You got a frozen doll.

When the video made its first appearance on Reddit, it was met with plenty of support and site karma. But other parents were quick to say that the Christmas prank was "cruel" and wrong. One YouTuber bashed the dad for his "disgusting" prank and pulled no punches when it came to voicing his opinion that "Christmas isn't the time to make bad jokes for your children. This father should feel ashamed. You can clearly see there was no mother around in this house to prevent such a sad video. Reported for wrongful parenting."

Ah, yes, Internet kindness.

Admit it, we all fell in love with Idina Menzel (er, Adele Dazeem) when the movie first premiered. Every day we had a new cover of the hit song or a daddy-daughter filmed sing-along. And as cute as it all is, maybe it's time to have a good laugh at the kids' expense. Consider it minor payback for all the excessive screening marathons. I think this dad's gift of a "frozen" doll was all in good fun (and revenge).

For those of you who think it was a cruel prank and can't get enough of Frozen, not to worry, there will be a Frozen 2, so you can look forward to plenty more singing, Anna and Elsa-themed birthday parties, and countless more Frozen wish lists.

If you ask me, though, it might finally be time to "Let It Go." (Sorry, had to do it.)

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Do you find this funny or cruel?


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