Toddler With Down Syndrome Stars in Target Ad (VIDEO)

Finally! An adorable 2-year-old girl with Down syndrome is the star of a new ad released by Target Sunday -- and the greatest thing about it is that the cute pink dress she's modeling is the focus here -- and NOT her condition. The megastore reportedly reached out to the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network because it wanted to feature models with Down syndrome in its ad and little Izzy Bradley of Stillwater, Minnesota, proved her ability to Vogue in front of the camera. The result is an awesome advertisement that does its part to help raise awareness for the genetic condition -- and normalize it.


Izzy's mother, Heather Bradley, says she hopes her daughter's appearance in the clothing ad helps others see how they are just like every other family and provide inspiration for others.

And her ad is doing so much more -- every time the toddler catches a glimpse of herself on television or in print, her mom says she smiles, points to herself, and says, 'Izzy.' Awww.

It's kind of crazy that this is such big news, but it's still so rare to see children with disabilities in advertisements and it deserves to be lauded. Target is setting a high bar here and, with hope, scores of other shops will follow their example.

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As moms, we're always so concerned about the messages kids receive from images in the media. Even when they're as young as 2, they see Disney princesses and they look a certain way -- and they wonder why their hair isn't as long or blonde as Rapunzel's (yes, an actual question from my 3-year-old daughter). It's crucial for young people to see images that represent who they are -- especially when those images are meant to sell clothing and toys that are marketed for them.

Other companies that have recently featured models who have Down syndrome include DC Kids, whose cutie pie 10-month-old model Valentina Guerrero snagged the cover of their summer catalog.

What do you think about Target featuring a little girl with Down syndrome in its advertisement?


Image via CBS Minnesota

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