The Terrifying Video That Could Save Your Teenager's Life​​

Michael RookerWhat's scarier than your teenager getting their driver's license? How about a zombie attack? Hey, that got your attention! And if you're lucky, the undead may just save your kid's life. At least that's what The Walking Dead star Michael Rooker is counting on.


The actor better known as Merle Dixon on the popular AMC show has partnered with the Illinois Department of Transportation for a series of seat belt PSAs unlike any you've ever seen before. Forget preachy after-school special type lectures. The web series, dubbed The Driving Dead, is a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic adventure, with terrifying joy rides to boot.

Check it out (beware these are directed at kids 18 and up, so there is violence ... send the little ones out of the room ... but call the teenagers over):

And the second installment:

Considering teens have the lowest rate of seat belt use (compared to other age groups), it can NEVER hurt to hammer home the message that you need to buckle up. And don't just save it for the drivers -- even the kids who are riding in cars without you need to hear this one. According to CDC statistics, a survey in 2013 revealed that only 55 percent of high school students always wear seat belts when riding with someone else.

Of course it would be nice if they listened to us, their parents, but we'll take the backup where we can get it.

How have you convinced your teenagers to wear their seat belts?


Image via The Driving Dead

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