'World's First Transgender Doll' Causes Stir With Parents (VIDEO)

transgender doll argentinaIf you pick out a pretty doll for your child, thinking it's a simple fairy toy, the last thing you might expect is a little surprise anatomical addition. But that's exactly what one Argentinian mom found when she bought her daughter what is being called the "world's first transgender doll." A fairy with a girl face, the doll has what appears to be male anatomy between her legs.


After purchasing the Pirate Fairy doll in Buenos Aires, the mom became aware of the doll's special parts when her 3-year-old daughter lifted up the fairy's skirt and noticed a little, ahem, something. Take a look at the video below to see the toy:

Is it a defect or purposeful addition? That has yet to be confirmed, but parents are already speaking out and starting to question if the toy could "influence the sexuality of their children," the Daily Mail reports. As if a doll could change a child's sexuality?

Meanwhile, the transgender community in Argentina has come out in support of the toy. And Ricardo Rodulfo, a child psychologist, tells the Daily Mail that "it doesn't matter to a child whether their toy has male genitalia or not. The idea causes more disturbance among adults."

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Rodulfo is the only one who seems to be making any sense in this whole debate.

It doesn't seem like it's kids who really have an issue with the so-called transgender doll. The kids don't get worked up about the toy because they don't know that they "should" get worked up about it. It's really that simple.

Do they see it as an issue? Not at all.

It's adults who are getting worked up.

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That said, a transgender doll could serve as a prime learning opportunity. If a child does ask questions about why the girl doll has a penis, it's the perfect opening to start the conversation. Not everyone is made the same way, some people have different parts, and it's all completely OK!

So whether it was intentional or not, the doll could work as a lesson for kids and adults alike.

What would you do if your child got this doll?


Image via RuptlyTV/YouTube

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