1 Ultrasound Every Pregnant Woman Should Skip to Keep Baby Safe

woman getting an ultrasoundWere you planning on creating a take-home keepsake ultrasound of your soon-to-be baby? Maybe display it proudly on your mantel or turn it into the child's first home movie? Well, the FDA says that those fetal keepsakes and heartbeat monitors should be avoided completely.


Sorry, Moms!

The FDA notes that these tests and equipment have no medical benefit, and what's more, the agency warns exposing the fetus to these machines can cause tissue heating and other medical problems. Though research has yet to show the long-term effects of these sometimes hour-long tests, that hasn't stopped the FDA from declaring them unnecessary.

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The warning also notes there is no medical need for these videos or for Doppler ultrasound heartbeat monitors, which can be recorded and played back for expecting parents.

The FDA's report says that they are prescription devices that should be used only by trained health care professionals. However, some parents are electing to have the procedures done over-the-counter and for no actual medical reason -- which is where the risk comes in. 

So those ultrasound cuff links or sculptures that you were planning on getting made? Maybe it's time to rethink them. Better to make do with that printed off sheet from your doctor-ordered sonogram.

Would you ever get a fetal ultrasound for a keepsake?


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