Ad Comparing Circumcision to Child Molestation Has Moms Upset

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Circumcision tends to dredge up strong feelings on both sides of the debate, but one thing you may have heard from the pro-circ side of the argument is this: "Your baby won't remember it, so what's the big deal?" Well, Intact Houston, an "intactivist" or anti-circumcision group, is really stirring the pot on that point. In a Facebook ad, the group has gone so far as to compare circumcision memories (or the lack thereof) to memories of child molestation and other horrific abuses.


Here's the ad that's been making its way around the Internet thanks to the group:

anti-circumcision group poster ad

Ouch! In a nutshell, this ad compares circumcision to child molestation -- as well as child abuse, abandonment, or being drugged and raped.

Yes, it's true that kids often don't remember being molested or abused, and the fact that their recall is fuzzy definitely does not make it okay. Still, though, should circumcision be lumped into this category of things kids may forget that shouldn't be swept under the rug? 

Not according to the CDC.

The group recently released its first-ever guidelines urging doctors to discuss the benefits of circumcision with patients (protection against STDs and infection), saying they outweigh the risks (bleeding and infection). That said, the CDC does not go so far as to condone circumcision for all babies, saying that this decision boils down to a personal choice -- one that is not always an easy one for parents to make.

And groups like Intact Houston have a lot of support from parents who say the choice is NOT one they would make.

Still, this ad's comparisons are sure to add fuel to an already heated fire.

Do you think comparing circumcision to child molestation is fair, or do you think it crosses the line?


Image via leungchopan/shutterstock; via Intact Houston

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