Santa's Threatening Note to Little Girl Is Just Plain Creepy

threatening letter from santaHow many times have you said "Santa is watching" this season? Ten? Twenty? Thirty ... million? Using the big guy in the red suit to keep kids in line is a parenting tradition as old as Kris Kringle's tongue and a little bit older than his teeth. But a mom who sent her daughter a threatening letter from Santa Claus may have taken the charade just a little bit too far.

The little girl's uncle posted Santa's Mom's letter to Reddit this week with the headline, "My sister just dropped a nuke in the war to get her kid to behave."


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He's only exaggerating a little. Just get a load of this letter to little Lydia:

Cameras in the house? And here you thought that nosy elf was creepy? Geez Louise!

Is Lydia's mom trying to make the kid behave or turn her into a paranoid conspiracy theorist who can't sit down to pee without checking the bathroom for bugs?

The temptation to use Santa as a discipline tool is strong, and we've all done it a time or two. But at some point, every parent must recognize two things. First, parents need to look beyond Christmas. Many comments on the Reddit thread noted that Lydia's sister is sure to get smacked come Christmas Day. They were joking, but they're likely not far off the mark. Making your kid behave only for Santa doesn't actually solve behavior problems. It may give you a respite, but once the threat of not getting presents is lifted, the back-talking and hitting are sure to return because you never got to the root of the problem. 

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Second -- and just as important -- parents need to remember that Santa is supposed to be about fun and fancy. He's supposed to be a piece of the magic of childhood, a magic that kids lose all too soon. Using this benevolent creature to threaten kids saps the good from him, leaving your children confused and scared.

With all that in mind, tell us ... would you leave a note like this?


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