Pregnant Moms Who Get Manicures Have Dumb Babies

pregnant womanFrom raw cookie dough to sushi and alcohol, the list of forbidden items during pregnancy seems to grow every year. And now, a new study coming out of Columbia University is adding one major pregnancy no-no: nail polish ... because it apparently makes your kids dumber.


Hear that expecting moms? Manicures go in the "do not do" column.

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Researchers followed 328 New York City moms and their kids and monitored the mothers' exposure to phthalates, a chemical found in air fresheners, dryer sheets, and yes, nail polish. While they tracked the contact during the women's third trimesters, they also checked in seven years later to give the children IQ tests.

The mothers who were most exposed to phthalates had children whose IQ scores were 6.6 to 7.6 points lower than kids of mothers who had less exposure. That might not seem like too much, but senior study author Robin Whyatt says, "A six- or seven-point decline in IQ may have substantial consequences for academic achievement and occupational potential."

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So want to have a more intelligent kindergartner? It might be wise to lay off the mani/pedis while pregnant.

Did you use nail polish while pregnant?


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