Mom Gives Birth to Baby the Size of a 5-Month-Old -- Oh, My!

While most of us were stressing out over our holiday shopping or work duties on December 2, one Washington mom was undoubtedly having a more difficult day than any of us. Yessica Ortiz Delgado gave birth to an amazing 14-pound, 11-ounce baby at Grays Harbor Community Hospital Family Birth Center -- and instead of being shocked by her newborn's rare birth weight, she totally expected it.


Delgado, who named her baby boy Francisco Leon Ortiz, is already mom to two children who weighed more than the average 7.5 pounds. But, compared to Francisco, they were peanuts who were each born weighing about 12 pounds.

You may argue that it's all pain -- what difference does it make if your baby is 7 pounds or 13 pounds, right? I don't have personal experience with delivering a big baby, but I'm going to bet moms who do would beg to differ with that argument.

The great news is that, even though many babies who are born weighing more than the average newborn often have health issues, Francisco is perfectly healthy. His doctors say he is alert and that mom is also recovering well. The only negative thing that resulted from the birth of this beautiful, big boy was that his poor dad had to run to a store and exchange a bunch of newborn outfits for ones that were significantly larger. But, hey, most of us know our newborns grow out of those teeny sizes in, like, two weeks, anyway.

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It just seems like some moms have bigger babies than others -- like it's their destiny. Whenever I hear about the birth of an exceptionally large baby, I can't help but wonder whether mom's doctor broke the news at her last appointment before going into labor about her child's weight. Do doctors keep that info to themselves out of fear that they'll scare the bejesus out of their patient? Inquiring moms want to know!

Did you give birth to a big baby? Would you freak out if you found out your baby was going to be bigger than average?


Image via Adrian Debler/Flickr

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