1 Big Reason to Quit Co-Sleeping With Your Toddler

mom sleeping with childIn the battle of co-sleeping versus crib sleeping, moms can argue about the benefits of the bond or the pluses of the parents getting a good night's sleep, but not much has been said about the later effects of sharing a bed with your toddler. Well, a new study from the European Lung Foundation might just affect when you send kids off to sleep alone. It turns out that toddlers who co-sleep are prone to higher rates of asthma later in childhood.


The study, which collected information from more than 6,000 mothers and children in the Netherlands, chronicled kids' asthma symptoms from the ages 1 to 6. Once they factored in the practice of co-sleeping, researchers found the risks for asthma went up immediately.

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Two-year-olds who still shared the bed with Mom and Dad were at an increased risk of being diagnosed with respiratory issues, specifically asthma, at 6 years old.

Though the research did not determine exactly why there's a link between wheezing and co-sleeping, the numbers do prove that there's a strong connection and an increased risk. Looks like it's fair to count this in the "pro-crib sleeping" column.

Why do you think co-sleeping kids could be at higher risk for asthma?


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