14-Pound Baby Takes Mom By Surprise in Delivery Room

baby feetGet ready to cringe and cower in fear because this news might actually knock you over. A mom in Colorado just gave birth to, get this, a nearly 14-pound baby. Not-so-little Mia Yasmin Garcia was born via C-section and tipped the scales at 13 pounds, 13 ounces. Dad Francisco Garcia proudly announced the arrival of his fifth daughter:


And for a kicker: mom Alisha was actually expecting to give birth to a 7-pound baby. At delivery, the newborn nearly doubled that.

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Think about that. Fourteen pounds.

But the biggest shocker is just how off the medical prediction was. Doctors claim to know size, how to measure, and how to predict the weight, but turns out it doesn't always work.

Thankfully, Mia was delivered by C-section, but let's all hope that those weight and size predictions get better soon.

Did doctors accurately predict your baby's weight?


Image via iPortret/shutterstock

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