Stop Yelling at Your Kid: He's Not Listening

teen girl ignoring momMoms, do you ever get the feeling that your kid is just not listening to you? That as much as you may talk and explain, it's just not registering? You may be on to something. Researchers from the Universities of Pittsburgh, California-Berkeley, and Harvard recently studied 32 teens and tweens and discovered that their brains actually stop listening when Mom starts nagging.


That's right. The teenagers were monitored by a brain scanner as they listened to short clips of their mom's nagging. Wired has found this clip from one of the scanners:

One thing that bothers me about you is that you get upset over minor issues. I could tell you to take your shoes from downstairs. You’ll get mad that you have to pick them up and actually walk upstairs and put them in your room.

Ouch. Well, when the teens heard clips like that, the brain areas that process negative emotion were alerted. And areas of the brain that control emotion and allow you to see things from another's point of view were also deactivated.

The teens' brains actually stopped processing social cues and did not think about parents' reactions. So if you feel like you're talking to a wall, it's very possible.

But don't fear too much. They'll grow out of it ... and hopefully soon.

Do you ever feel like your kids don't listen to you?


Image via CREATISTA/shutterstock

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