How to Help Babies in Need for #GivingTuesday

babyIf you support breastfeeding and haven't decided what to do to celebrate Giving Tuesday, a word. The Mother's Milk Bank could use your help! The non-profit that distributed more than half a million ounces of liquid gold to children last year (processing donated milk for nearly 100 hospitals) is seeking donations this holiday.

But you don't have to pump your milk -- at least not today.


The Milk Bank is celebrating its 40th anniversary and so they're asking for donations of $40 from breastfeeding supporters the world over to help build up their Express Milk Fund, a project that specifically helps families in need.

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Every 100 ounces from a new donor provides 400 meals for premature babies whose own mothers cannot not produce, but Mother's Milk Bank shoulders the costs of shipping and processing the milk -- which isn't cheap.

Want to help? Hit up the donate money section of the non-profit's website. Or check out how to donate milk!

What are you doing for #GivingTuesday?


Image via Olesia Bilkei/shutterstock

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