The Huge Danger to Kids Lurking in Your Child's Toybox

child hurt injuredEvery time you turn around, it seems, your kids are asking for yet another "must have" toy. Have a hard time saying no? This might help you stand your ground: researchers from the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio tracked toy-related injuries among children who visited emergency rooms from 1990 to 2011 and found some scary statistics. 

It turns out 18 children are hurt from toys every hour in America. That works out to one injury every 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


Even more alarming: the research indicates the total number of these toy-related injuries is on the rise, with a 40 percent increase over the course of the study.

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And the worst culprits? Ride-on toys. Researchers found that scooters, wagons, tricycles, and other powered riding toys accounted for 34.9 percent of injuries and more than 40 percent of all the hospital admissions. And since the most "at risk" age proved to be 2-years-old, and over 63 percent of the patients were boys, the total number of injuries peaked for kids.

From cuts, to soft tissue injuries, to fractures or dislocations, the injuries ran the gamut. And these seemingly fun ride-on toys were more than three times more likely to lead to fractures and dislocations compared to any other toy product.

If you're toy-buying for a 2-year-old (and especially a boy), it might be worth doing your research. Or, as the study authors point out, make sure that you also gift them some nice protective gear. Yes, that means helmets and elbow pads are part of the package. And should be non-negotiable.

What sort of ride-on toys do you have in your house?


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