Safety Report: 10 Most Dangerous Toys for Kids

Suzee Skwiot | Nov 21, 2014 Parenting News
Safety Report: 10 Most Dangerous Toys for Kids

beware signLike it or not, the holidays are just around the corner, parents! And naturally, that means presents and shopping and plenty of gift wish lists to fulfill. So while you're putting your shopping list together, it might be a good idea to check and make sure that you don't get your kids anything on the "10 Worst Toys" list.

Toy safety watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) puts out a list every year for parents, and this time around it includes a toy that launches 145 feet and another with serious choking hazards. Take a look at the slideshow to see all 10 toys that WATCH recommends parents avoid.

Can you believe #5 is actually made for kids?!


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  • Air Storm Firetek Bow


    Image via Walmart

    The Air Storm Firetek Bow is designed for kids aged 8 and up. It comes with a bow and three "screaming whistle" arrows, which, the group points out, should be able to fly up to 145 feet! On top of that, the instructions tell kids to only shoot them at half strength and should not be used in darkness. How many kids do you know who will ONLY shoot at half strength?

  • Radio Flyer Ziggle


    Image via Radio Flyer

    The Radio Flyer Ziggle has kids "twist the front and wiggle the back" and, for any advanced riders, they can "gain speed and can drift into 360⁰ spins." But WATCH quickly points out that the seat is eight inches off the ground and that the height of the seat makes it "potentially hazardous for outdoor use." And, ironically, even though the bike instructions strictly state that kids should wear a helmet while riding, the boy in the photo seems to be missing something, eh?

  • Cata Pencil


    Image via Amazon


    Technically, it's just a slingshot, and WATCH points out the very obvious: potential eye injuries are abound. The product description says it's "an adult toy not suitable for naughty children," but there are no actual age recommendations.

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  • Alphabet Zoo Rock and Stack Pull Toy


    Image via Amazon

    The pull toy has one very scary addition: the actual string. It measures 20 inches, which, as WATCH points out, is 8 inches longer than the industry standard, which regulates crib toys to have strings shorter than 1 foot. Naturally, strangulation is the most major warning with this toy.

  • SWAT Electric Machine Gun


    Image via Kmart

    As the organization is quick to point out in its evaluation of the machine gun, "in today’s world, there is no excuse for outfitting children with realistic toy weapons designed to produce potentially dangerous and unnecessary thrills."

  • Spark. Create. Imagine. Wooden Instruments


    Image via Walmart

    This four-piece toy is full of little pieces that WATCH says babies can choke on. It's recommended for kids aged 18 months and older, but as the organization points out, the drumstick "has the potential to be mouthed and occlude a child’s airway."

  • Bottle Rocket Party Kit


    Image via Amazon


    This party kit is all about shooting off the bottle rockets. Fortunately, as WATCH notes, it does come with caution tape, but those safety goggles that they require for usage? Not supplied.

  • Lil' Cutesies Best Friends


    Image via Toys R Us

    While the toys are marketed to teething kids, ages 2 and up, WATCH warns that the little removable bow on the top of the baby's head poses a major choking hazard for kids.

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  • True Legends Orc Hammer


    Image via Toys R Us

    The toy, made for kids ages 3 and up, is almost 2 feet long. Bonus: there are no warnings, so WATCH warns parents about potential blunt object injuries.

  • Colored Hedgehog


    Image via Toys R Us

    Made specifically for infants (hello, crib toy!), this colored hedgehog plush toy has long colorful fiber hairs that WATCH warns are not attached well at the base -- so can easily fall out and be removed, creating a choking hazard for the little ones.


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