Dad Ridiculed for Breastfeeding

baby feetA baby was born. That baby is being breastfed. The family is happy and healthy. And that should be enough. It should be what we see and appreciate. But it's not. Our society is uptight. Some see breastfeeding in public as obscene. Others oppose the right for two people in love to marry. Some have strict definitions of what family is. Family, to me, is love and support and care. Family is Trevor and Ian MacDonald and their two children. Trevor is a transgender breastfeeding dad.


Trevor was born a female. He still has female parts and he was pregnant and gave birth to both his babies, and because he is able to lactate, he also breastfeeds. Breastfeeding moms have a hard enough time being accepted when nursing in public. Can you imagine what Trevor goes through? The sight of a man breastfeeding is enough to make people explode in tirades of hate and disgust.

Breastfeeding moms: Can you imagine Trevor being told to go into the men's room to breastfeed?! As much as I wish it wasn't true, that could be a dangerous place for man to breastfeed his baby if there were close-minded men who happened to be in the bathroom at the same time.

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Since news of the "breastfeeding dad" broke, there's been a lot of controversy. One commenter on an article about Trevor breastfeeding said: "Nothing says 'attention whore' like a transgender dad who breastfeeds."

Some people cannot accept those who aren't like them. Ignorance is rampant. Prejudice is everywhere. This isn't about being an attention whore in the negative sense. This is really about bringing attention to something beautiful -- a man doing the best he can for his child.

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There is of course the dichotomy. Women are the only ones able to breastfeed; we are the only ones able to bear children. And here is a man doing what women's bodies are only able to do. This is a lesson in acceptance. In love. In seeing that we are all different and we have different lifestyles, and this is about looking beyond what you might not typically see and see what is really there. Moms, we need to stand with this this dad.

We shouldn't see a man or a woman; we should see a parent doing the best they can for their child. I see Trevor as an inspiration -- for any person wanting to have a baby, for transfamilies, blended families, gay families, for FAMILY, which to me means people who love, support, and care for each other. He is a champion for breastfeeding rights and an advocate for nursing baby whenever and wherever she is hungry. He knows that nothing is better than breast milk and that's what he wants for his children. He is able to give that to them, so why wouldn't he? If a parent is able to give their best to their kids, they aren't going to pass that opportunity up. No one should.

I want to celebrate this transgender breastfeeding dad. He is an example of love and truth and exemplary parenting. Thank you Trevor for being brave, for being open and honest, for bringing light to the topics that mean so much to so many.

What do you think of the breastfeeding dad?


*Trevor uses his real first name, but he uses pseudonyms for his last name MacDonald and his husband Ian.

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