Popular Strollers Recalled After Children Lose Fingertips

strollerIf you're headed out on a walk with the kids, you might want to opt for a sling instead of a stroller. Child product manufacturer Graco has issued a massive recall on nearly five million strollers in North America, warning parents that 11 of its popular models have a flaw that could cut off a child's fingertip.

In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that six kids have suffered the loss of a fingertip, while four more have had partial fingertip amputation because of an issue with the external sliding fold-lock hinge. Think your stroller might be included in the recall? Here's what moms need to know:


1. The models involved include the Aspen, Breeze, Capri, Cirrus, Glider, Kite, LiteRider, Sierra, Solara, Sterling, and TravelMate Model Strollers and Travel Systems. All are single-occupant strollers (so if you have a double stroller, you're in the clear) and have an external sliding fold-lock hinge on each side as well as a one-hand fold release mechanism on the handle.

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2. Strollers manufactured between August 1, 2000 to September 25, 2014 are affected. To find the date (as well as a model number), look for a white label located at the bottom of the stroller leg just above the rear wheel.

3. The model numbers to look for are:

  • Aspen -- 6947MAN, 6954AMB, 7403ANM, 7414BKL, 7453UVB, and 7454WNN
  • Breeze -- 34950, 6904N8, 6904TN8, 6907JUN, 7404M7, 7404TM7, 7433BER, 6904BUG, 6904NV, 6904YL, 6907ZOU, 7404NCB, 7431PUR, 7464CEL, 6904LAZ, 6904TLQ, 6907CYP, 6932AR, 7404P8, 7432PUR, and 7464KSB
  • Capri - Century Branded Literider -- 6901DZ, 6901FRN, and 6901MP
  • Cirrus -- 35233, 6956COR, 6956MLL, 7426CUB, 7438JET, 7456NGS, 6919MV, 6956MAC, 7416HX, 7435WNN, 7456GKG, 7463CUB, 6919TMP, 6956MIC, 7416THX, 7438GIN, and 7456MON
  • Glider -- 35206, 6974CYP, 6987FMT, 6S00MRG3, 7441SAV, 7446STA, 7S00SBN3, 1755545, 6974HAB, 6987FMT3, 6S01JAV3, 7441SAV2, 7448WLS2, 7S00WAV3, 1757978, 6983THE, 6987SFJ3, 6S02SFS3, 7441SPT, 7459KYW2, 6937N6, 6984SAR, 6999TRI, 7441FLT, 7445UNN, and 7S00KWD3
  • Kite -- 6837COE
  • Literider -- 1759206, 1834721, 6712NPB, 6903RG, 6927HE, 6942MP, 7304TOP2, 1759753, 1834725, 6712PWC3, 6912GMP, 6927HK, 6955G9, 7305ALB2, 1760521, 1843722, 6712SFT, 6916BLW, 6927LV, 6989N2, 7320UVB, 1761301, 1850503, 6712SNY, 6916BRN, 6927TMJ, 6989Y2, 7321UVB, 1763582, 1852558, 6712SUP, 6916D5, 6927TXB, 6M01TAN3, 7340SSR, 1783222, 1853477, 6712SUP3, 6916F3, 6929B7, 6M02SFR3, 7340SSR2, 1790492, 1876823, 6720THE, 6916HBH, 6929HX, 7003CHP, 7350DOH, 1794240, 34855, 6730BEB, 6916MEL, 6929KY, 7300MAK, 7350DOH2, 1801006, 34939, 6730DRM, 6916P8, 6929WN, 7303BRL, 7360NGS, 1804095, 35635, 6730HMP, 6916RK, 6936HAV, 7303BRL2, 7436GIN, 1809351, 6710JKP, 6827RS, 6916TA6, 6936JAM, 7304GEI, 7436JET, 1809556, 6710JUP, 6903IND, 6927AE, 6938A5, 7304GEI2, 7M00DCF3, 1817150, 6712NAP, 6903JJJ, 6927GP, 6940A4, and 7304HNW3
  • Literider - Century Branded -- 1804730
  • Sierra -- 7487GP and 7487VA
  • Solara - Century Branded Literider -- 6965ZOL and 6985CNC
  • Sterling -- 6988KER, 7425CLE, 7425OAK, 7428RAC, 7429VL, 7437N5, 7447PAS, 7423RAC, 7425CLE2, 7427AD, 7429HX, 7429WZ, and 7447M7
  • TravelMate -- 6958HAV and 6958TDT

4. Do not return the stroller to the store. Graco will provide free repair kits to parents who call the company at 800-345-4109 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) or contact customer service via the Graco website.

5. While waiting for the repair kit, parents are warned that if they use the stroller, they should exercise "extreme caution" when unfolding the stroller, making sure the hinges are firmly locked before placing a child inside.

What kind of stroller is your child in? Where are they when you fold or unfold it?


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