1 Big Reason to Avoid Wearable Baby Monitors

baby sleeping in cribAny new parent can admit this one truth: it's absolutely frightening to leave a baby alone for the night. But with the help of baby monitors, Mom and Dad can always keep an eye on their little bundle. And you can even take it one step further. Wearable baby monitors are all the rage right now.


They strap onto the baby's foot or ankle and send parents alerts about the child's heart rate, oxygen intake, temperature, and can even let you know when the child rolls over. But as a recent medical report suggests, wearable baby monitors may not be all they're cracked up to be.

The article, published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal) by David King of the University of Sheffield, says that these products create an entirely false illusion -- and they're giving parents nothing but peace of mind.

In fact, as King points out, while all the products on the market are made to give parents comfort, they actually have no effect on preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). A 2001 study, which monitored over 1,000 infants with home monitors, concluded that the fancy tech gadgets had no impact on the occurrence of SIDS in healthy babies.

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And it's all because these products are not medical devices. Hear that, parents? Companies like Owlet and Rest Devices, which develop two of the most popular wearable baby monitors, have not received approval for their devices from the US Food and Drug Administration (nor do they need to).

Unfortunately, manufacturers of wearable monitors aren't always entirely honest about their products' claims. Branding and packaging on some suggest that SIDS-prevention is their main purpose.

But before you go out spending $200 on an electronic anklet for your newborn, know this: the experts say steer clear. And while it might give you peace of mind to constantly be monitoring your baby, following safe sleep measures is the better way to keep baby safe.

Do you use a wearable baby monitor?


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