Popular Drinks Blamed for Poisoning Thousands of Kids

energy drinkEnergy drinks may be a lifesaver for exhausted parents, but this may have you kicking the habit. Keeping them in the house could be asking for an accident to happen. At least when you look at the numbers of kids being poisoned by the hyper-caffeinated pick-me-ups.

According to new research on calls to 55 poison control centers in the country, some 5,100 calls were made in a three-year period about Americans getting sick from energy drinks. Almost half of those were children under the age of 6!


The research -- presented this week to the American Heart Association -- claims those kids often didn't know what they were drinking. Typically the drinks were in the house thanks to a parent or an older sibling, and kids found them in the refrigerator.

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But from the looks of the study's findings, even letting your older kids slug an energy drink is not a good idea. When researchers broke down the cases where "major" effects were reported (across all age groups), they found 57 percent of people had cardiovascular effects (abnormal heart rhythm, conduction abnormalities, etc.). Some 55 percent of those with major effects had seizures or other neurological effects.

With some 400 milligrams of caffeine in many of these drinks, it's no surprise kids are being poisoned: docs say it only takes 100 mg to poison an adolescent, even less for younger kids.

How do you handle energy drinks in your house?


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