Reading Just Got Easier for Kids With Dyslexia

dyslexie fontDyslexia may be the most common language-based learning disability in America (it's estimated that many as 15 to 20 percent of the population has symptoms of dyslexia), but that doesn't mean it's easy for our kids. From difficulty with recognizing words and a low vocabulary to spelling issues, kids with dyslexia face reading challenges every day. But there's some good news for a change -- Dyslexie, a font made just for kids with dyslexia!

The best part? It's completely free for home use. Parents can download it for their Windows or Mac computers, and it can be used in all Office applications and any other program that allows you to customize your font (think emails, presentations, etc.).


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Now how does it work?

There are several very slight, but important, differences between the font and any other regular one. This typeface has a "heavy base line, alternating stick/tail lengths, larger-than-normal openings, and a semi-cursive slant," says the brand. Because of that, each and every single letter takes on a unique character.

No two letters are overly similar (which is a typical problem for a dyslexic reader who has trouble differentiating) and "twin letters" aren't used (think the b and d). On top of that, capital letters and punctuation signs are bold, giving readers a clear sign that a new sentence has begun.

And not only can you download the font now, but the company has also released several children's books published in the Dyslexie font. That means reading has become a lot more accessible and possible for many more readers.

Does your child have dyslexia? What reading tricks and tips do you have?


Image via Dyslexie Font

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