Store Slammed for Offensive 'Dear Santa' Sign in Kids' Section

dear santaIn a move that shows it's getting harder and harder to find places where we CAN take our kids, employees at a Dillard's department store at the Mall at Wellington Green, Florida, are in hot water over a sign that appeared in the little girls' clothing department recently. A letter to Santa, the sign asked the jolly man in the red suit to bring a "slim body" this holiday.

And that's not all. The sign propped up near the young girls' clothing advised Santa not to "mix up" his delivery like he did last year:


Dear Santa,

Please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body.

Please don't mix those two up like you did last year.

This was in the children's section of a department store ... because what little girl doesn't need to be served up a dose of materialism and an eating disorder while holiday shopping?

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Perhaps the most frustrating piece of all of this is that the sign was put up in the children's section. Anywhere else in the store it would have been upsetting -- after all, Santa is an icon of childhood, and the message is not child-appropriate.

But parents purposely take their kids into the children's section because, well, that's a place for kids! As such, you don't expect to encounter messages -- or signs -- that don't sync with childhood.

You're supposed to be able to let your guard down in the children's section of a store, not to have to worry about what the kids are going to see or hear, at least not in the way we do in every other corner of the world these days.

The Dillard's in question has apparently removed the sign after public outcry, but the sad fact remains that it's becoming harder and harder to keep our kids ... kids.

What do you think of the placement of this sign? Does it upset you?


Image © Newman

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