Sick Photo on Little Girl's 'Princess Wand' Is More Twisted Than Moms Think (VIDEO)

Well, now we've seen everything. Just in time for the holiday season, some stores have decided to put out a child's "toy" that has to be the sickest one we've seen yet. After a mom in Dayton, Ohio, reported purchasing a princess wand for her 2-year-old daughter at a local Dollar Store, Nicole Allen says her toddler peeled back a piece of foil on the toy to reveal a horrific photo: of a girl who looks like she is being possessed by the devil while cutting her wrists with a knife. Seriously.


Before we move on, this is the photo Allen's toddler saw when she peeled back the foil:

If one of the first of many burning questions you have is who in the hell would sell this product and why -- I can provide a sort-of answer that justifies absolutely nothing. The store's owner told Allen that she should have known what this was and that it wasn't suitable for young children because it's actually called an "evil wand." The owner says parents are responsible for reading the labels on these items carefully and that the store isn't to blame for her mistake.

I understand why this mom is upset -- this image could give adults nightmares. But I can't help but feel she is missing the real point -- the real danger here. Self-harm is categorized as an actual psychological disorder and should be taken as seriously as any other. Self-inflicted injuries -- including cutting, burning, and biting -- are also more common than some of us think. As many as one-third to one-half of adolescents have tried to hurt themselves in one of these ways, and these behaviors are more frequent in young girls.

These tween and teen girls aren't cutting themselves to be drama queens or cool. They're experiencing an incredible amount of emotional pain and are searching for an outlet. And a recent study showed that 70 percent of adolescents who inflicted this kind of pain on themselves made at least one suicide attempt. This is no laughing matter.

As a mom -- as a human being with a conscience -- I can't fathom wanting to spread the message that cutting is no big deal or, worse, a joke. It sickens me to think of young girls seeing this and becoming desensitized to what is a very real, very painful reality for many teens. This store should pull these wands immediately -- as should any business that has temporarily lost its mind and put these on its shelves. There is no need for something like this to exist. It's pure evil.

Do you think stores should be allowed to sell this "evil wand"? Could you see yourself purchasing it by mistake?


Image via Luz/Flickr

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