Major Safety Flaw Discovered in Popular Kids' Car Seats

child in car seatIt's not a recall, but parents are being warned to check their car seats immediately. Consumer Reports testers say they have found a major flaw with two very popular models that could put kids in danger.

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight and Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seats were both cited for problems with their harness belts. According to the organization, the seats' harness straps don't stay latched onto the bottom anchor hook. And even though the other three or four hooks might stay securely in place, the harness might completely come apart in the case of a crash.


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Now before you start tossing your car seat and frantically searching for a new one, the safety group does propose a somewhat simple solution.

Since the harness is built for kids up to 65 pounds (in the front-facing position) and as tall as 49 inches, the straps can be adjusted. Slide the straps by the anchors and adjust the harness length. This way, with a longer strap, you'll be able to latch the bottom anchor, but make sure that the straps inside the hook are also properly secured.

It's an easy solution to a scary problem, but make sure to do the fix now.

What car seat do you have in your car?


Images via NHTSA

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