More & More Men Are Getting Pregnant But Their Health Is in Danger

pregnant manThey're rare, but every once in awhile, you hear about a "pregnant man" who is going to deliver a child. The most famous, of course, is Thomas Beattie, a dad who made headlines for carrying three children to term. Beattie is transgender, and much has been made about whether transgender men should get pregnant.

Finally, science comes to the rescue. A new study out in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology is being called the first of its kind for looking at transgender men who have borne children. And no, it's not just a study of Beattie. There were 41 men in the study, and the docs estimate there could be thousands of trans men getting pregnant every year.


So what's it like to be a pregnant transgender man in America? The findings were mixed.

There are reports of increased depression, issues with public perception, and difficulty finding medical practitioners who will care for them. Some were even turned away entirely by doctors when they sought prenatal care.

Only half of the men surveyed said they had prenatal care. Shocking when you consider how important that is for babies!

There is some good in there -- while for some trans men feelings of gender dysphoria are increased, that wasn't true for all. And when the admittedly small study looked at those who had used testosterone in their transition process and those who hadn't, they found "no difference" in pregnancy, delivery, or birth outcomes.

But those outcomes would be a lot better overall if doctors would just treat the patient better from the get-go.

This study is aimed at giving practitioners better information when they care for transgender men who are pregnant. Hopefully it will mean more -- and better -- care for the babies too.

What do you think of transgender men getting pregnant?


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