1 Mistake You're Probably Making at Baby's Bathtime

mom giving baby a bathBathtime with baby is a constant adventure. From deciding where to do it, how to wash them, and what products to use, new parents face a ton of questions. But new research is taking on a whole new angle and suggesting that parents should limit how often they bathe their babies.

The study, which looks into skin allergies and eczema in babies, suggests that too frequent baths and skipping of the moisturizer can lead to dry, itchy, and inflamed skin in babies.


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The study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, says that emollient therapy, or moisturizer, along with a bath every two or three days, can help prevent eczema and eventually lessen a baby's chances of developing allergies.

Study authors took 124 babies and their parents and divided them into two groups: one group applied fragrance-free moisturizer to the baby's skin once a day, and the other did not. After six months, the group that didn't moisturize was twice as likely to have developed eczema.

The secret is all in the moisture. The soaps, shampoos, and other bath products all dry out the skin. Water and air drying also don't help. So lessening the amount of times your bathe your baby along with daily moisturizing could be the key to keeping that coveted "baby soft skin" softer for longer.

How often do you bathe your baby?


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